Hello – you may remember me as the tuba player (and voice of the elephant) on The Elephant Show with Sharon, Lois and Bram.

Hangin’ with Elephant on the Sharon, Lois and Bram’s Elephant Show.

Or not. Maybe you heard me playing Verdi on the cimbasso with the Canadian Opera Company Orchestra? No? Did you play one of my compositions? Didn’t think so. Perhaps I was the drunk guy who fell down the stairs at your sister’s wedding? Getting warmer?

This site is supposed to be a vehicle for selling my compositions and arrangements, but it’s really just an excuse to talk about myself and the many great people I share this world with and stuff I like. And sell some music.

You’ve been warned…

The latest musings…

  • Autumn shoots, and leaves
    I am known as “Fake Dad” to Joan’s two boys — Max (whose first name is Joel) and Joel (whose first name is Joel). [Don’t ask! Before my time!] Be that as it may, “Fake Dad” is important to the gist of the story, as you will see… I saw “Joel the Younger” recently, and … Read more
  • The red tuba
    So here I am outside of Owen Sound’s Mudtown Station Brewery and Restaurant with Paul Sylvester. He came to me in 1977 after his high school music teacher (who I was playing with on a steady gig at Toronto’s famed Brunswick House) said he should get tuba lessons. He was my first private tuba student. … Read more
  • Thelma and the girls
    Well, here’s something you don’t see every day — five generations.  My family was never sure of the exact date, but the photo was taken during the nice weather months of 1917 on a farm in Barrie, Ontario — probably in the Crown Hill/Dalston area for you people who know the geography around there. Mom … Read more

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