art imitates art

There was a thing going on a few years ago (perhaps as a result of Covid isolation boredom) where people would recreate great works of art, but were limited to using household items.  With that in mind, I present for your edification and contemplation;  Le Temps Menaçant (Threatening Weather) by René Magritte.

“Hmm… not exactly household items in that painting.” you may scoff, and yet behold (with hushed awe), my homemade version. The torso is a “Punching Bob”, (aka “Kyle”) and that chair was purchased by my parents before I was born. (I did practically all of my home tuba practicing on it.)  The tuba is my faithful CC Rudi Meinl, but if I still had my piston E-Flat, (which looks more like the tuba in the painting) I’d have used it instead for a bit more authenticity.  And forget it, there was no way that I was going to lug all of that stuff outside and down to the lake to take the picture!

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