Autumn shoots, and leaves

I am known as “Fake Dad” to Joan’s two boys — Max (whose first name is Joel) and Joel (whose first name is Joel). [Don’t ask! Before my time!] Be that as it may, “Fake Dad” is important to the gist of the story, as you will see… I saw “Joel the Younger” recently, and … Read more

The red tuba

Scott Irvine tuba fondue (fonduba)

So here I am outside of Owen Sound’s Mudtown Station Brewery and Restaurant with Paul Sylvester. He came to me in 1977 after his high school music teacher (who I was playing with on a steady gig at Toronto’s famed Brunswick House) said he should get tuba lessons. He was my first private tuba student. … Read more

PESTO pesto

pesto recipe

This is really easy to prepare and it goes together so quickly that you’ll be calling it “Pestissimo”. Unfortunately, pine nuts have gotten quite expensive, but believe me, they’re worth every penne. 🤦‍♀️ Pulse the basil and pine nuts several times in a food processor. Add the minced garlic and cheese and pulse several more … Read more

art imitates art

There was a thing going on a few years ago (perhaps as a result of Covid isolation boredom) where people would recreate great works of art, but were limited to using household items.  With that in mind, I present for your edification and contemplation;  Le Temps Menaçant (Threatening Weather) by René Magritte. “Hmm… not exactly … Read more

Sounds from the crypt

I can’t remember when this was done, and the only guys that I remember in the band were Jim Galloway, Bob Fenton, and probably Laurie Bower. In any case, this recording is destined to go down in history (as if it already hasn’t!) as the place where everyone’s favourite tuba joke is told! It’s so … Read more

Thelma and the girls

Scott Irvine's mom as a baby with matriarchs

Well, here’s something you don’t see every day — five generations.  My family was never sure of the exact date, but the photo was taken during the nice weather months of 1917 on a farm in Barrie, Ontario — probably in the Crown Hill/Dalston area for you people who know the geography around there. Mom … Read more

The chickering

Chickering piano restored by Piano Man

I bought this gem in the early 1980s from a pianist colleague/friend from U of T. As you can see, it is a beautiful baby grand piano and I now wish that I had spent more time practising piano in my formative years to do justice to having this exquisite instrument. However, the bulk of … Read more

More Cazzbo

Postcard to Scott from Cazzbo

In doing some decluttering of a couple of rooms in my house recently, I found this: This goes back to the time when Carolyn “Cazzbo” Johns was in Toronto as a featured soloist at the 2010 International Women’s Brass Conference. We hung out a lot at the time and when it came time for her … Read more

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