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Postcard to Scott from Cazzbo

In doing some decluttering of a couple of rooms in my house recently, I found this: This goes back to the time when Carolyn “Cazzbo” Johns was in Toronto as a featured soloist at the 2010 International Women’s Brass Conference. We hung out a lot at the time and when it came time for her … Read more


Cazzbo with Scott Irvine

Some time in 2009, Joan was put in charge of organising the 2010 International Women’s Brass Conference held at Humber College in Toronto. One morning, over coffee, she happened to ask me who I would invite tuba-wise. I immediately asked if there was a travel budget for someone not from North America, and when she … Read more

Heroes- Gord Sweeney

Gord Sweeney and Scott Irvine

I’m starting a new section on heroes — my heroes. So far, they’re all in the music profession, but who knows where it may lead eventually. First up, is retired long-time Principal Trombone with the Toronto Symphony, Gord Sweeney. Gord came to Toronto from Dallas to take the position of Principal Trombone of the Toronto … Read more