Joan Watson

On March 12th, 2015, I lost the love of my life, my best friend and my muse.  Joan Watson was an exceptional person, teacher, musician, horn player, woman, mom and inspiration for some of my compositions.

One of those compositions is Shapeshifter for French Horn and Brass Band.  Check it out here in a recording made by Joan and the Hannaford Street Silver Band while looking at a slide slow of lovely Joan.

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4 thoughts on “Joan Watson”

  1. After listening for the 4th time, to this showcase for the most wonderful Fr. Horn player that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, I must say that it is a glorious tribute that an extremely talented composer could have ever written. It offered a chance to hear the many sides of Joan Watson’s talent. I am grateful to have been able to hear her playing this composition. I am looking forward to hearing it many more times. The background, featuring photos of the lovely artist as she played, gave me even more pleasure. I especially enjoyed hearing the composer and artist as their picture showed, playing the short, but lovely duet much as they had played together day to day. Thank you Scott, for sharing this piece.

  2. Hi, Scott

    Beautiful music obviously inspired by Joan. Hopefully you still remember me. I studied with you for about 5 years through the early to mid 1980s. You were definitely the best tuba teacher I ever had…I am still playing…music has played a big role in keeping my sanity through all of life’s challenges. I hope we can get in touch soon.

  3. Joan and Scott both came up to Peterborough New Horizons Band in its early stages. Joan was Ann Millen’s coach; Ann arranged for the visit and asked any brass player that wished to come to Joan’s class bring a lunch and a minimal fee. We were so fortunate to have had Joan coach us in how to “feel music” and the emotions it brings. We each had a change to play a couple of notes “using our diaphram” and she would help us improve the sound the second time. Scott and she played a duet (tuba and French horn) from a well known opera. I was so fortunate to hear tips and wise advice from both of them.

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