Thelma and the girls

Well, here’s something you don’t see every day — five generations.  My family was never sure of the exact date, but the photo was taken during the nice weather months of 1917 on a farm in Barrie, Ontario — probably in the Crown Hill/Dalston area for you people who know the geography around there. Mom (Thelma) was born in early November of 1916, so those of you who can tell how many months old she appears to be, would have a better take on estimating the date of the photo than I.

So: Mom is the baby, (which makes me a Son of a B…aby! ) my Grandmother is standing left, and my Great-Grandmother is holding Mom. [I know what you’re thinking, but it’s true — the woman standing on the left is 20 years old!] My Great-Great-Grandmother is sitting left, and, of course, that leaves my Great-Great-Great-Grandmother sitting on the right. The approximate ages are: around 7 months, 20 years, 42 years, 65 years and 90 years.

They managed to document the event with a photo in the nick of time, as the old girl died that winter.

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